Really? My Space isn’t fancy. Great!

But my Space doesn’t have WiFi. Doesn’t matter. It might still be a space that someone is interested in for a different purpose.

My Space doesn’t have a tasty view. That’s ok. It doesn’t matter if they are there to get things done – sometimes tasty views can be distracting!

My Space isn’t in the city. Yes!!! List it then! We are desperate to get LOCAL spaces listed so people don’t drive around so much.

My Space isn’t available all the time, just while the kids are at school. Many people only work during school hours and many classes take place all day long like yoga and stuff. They all need a Space in which to do their thing!

What if my Space isn’t fully fitted out? We aren’t 100% sure what people will do with spaces. If it is an art exhibition, a non-fit out space is perfect.

It’s just a kitchen table… but there is wifi and it is quiet during the dayWow – sounds perfect. Do you know how many people work from home and just during school holidays struggle to find a quiet place to do their work?

The fact is, SpacetoCo is looking for every nook and cranny in all of Australia to list their spaces. We want people in neighbourhoods to meet each other as they share with their community. We want temporary travellers or people who work on the road to be able to open up the site and find a quiet space to do some emails without the pressure to buy a coffee or deal with crowds.

Upshot is, if you have a Space, and you are allowed to list it – do it and find out what sort of action you get!


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