Yes! It is FREE to list your space on SpacetoCo. We aim to be the location for people to come and find a local space to do whatever it is they want to do You can’t create something super comprehensive without giving a little back…

So how does it really work? What’s the catch? Great question. There is a small cost. It’s not in our business plan to make a tonne of money from each transaction. In fact, the only way that we make a profit is if we have hundreds and hundreds of sites transacting all the time. There are a couple of reasons for this:

1) How do we make money? Each time your space is hired through SpacetoCo, we take a small percentage off the top. That’s it. Never hire out? Never pay a cent.

2) So what is the percentage? It’s divided between the Guest (that’s what we call the person hiring the Space) and the Host. The Guest will pick up the majority of the percentage because they are “using” the service (9.5%). The Host picks up a smaller part of the percentage because they are providing, but still leveraging the free promotion and the amazing systems that we built to make hiring a space a seamless beautiful process (5.5%).

To be transparent, when you list your space, we will show you right on the screen what you will get in your bank account and what the Guest will pay.

We have selected Stripe as the payment process. They are the best in the business when it comes to keeping data and payment details safe and secure on their servers only with fancy pants encryption that is the best around.

Keeping the site running, updated, improving search and continuing to add the amazing features that makes the site more and more user-friendly with each passing month isn’t cheap either. So there is only a little smidgen left for SpacetoCo at the end of the day, but for us, connecting people with local spaces and facilitating the sense of community is the real goal here.