Supporting local is what SpacetoCo is all about. So how does this work?

At SpacetoCo, we want people to look in their local area to find places to work, spend their leisure time and to relax. The thing is, if someone doesn’t have to drive long distances to do the things that they need to do, will they save money? Will they save time?

By listing as many locations around Perth on an easy to use, beautiful, fully functional (booking and payment is included) website, we will facilitate and encourage this local economy.

As we speak to people around Perth, we realise that this is something that most people need at some stage of each month. There is some event or function or meeting or activity or need that they have for a Space of some kind.

We all know of the regular Spaces that everyone picks, but what if…

…your afternoon game of tennis was at your neighbour’s house instead of the expensive Club down the hill?
…the regular office environment isn’t ideal for your strategic planning meeting and to get some head space you hired out the local art studio listed on SpacetoCo in a couple of clicks and put your team in an exciting colourful environment for thinking?
…you work from home and during school holidays, your only choice to get something done is to go to the office and turn up your headphones and brave the interruptions or go work in the busy, loud cafe, but a quick search on SpacetoCo reveals 10 quiet spaces with internet right around the corner?
…the day has been so hectic, and with young kids around the only place you can find privacy is the toilet (and even that is compromised if your kids are young enough). You partner comes home and you just want to get out of the house for a bit of quiet to read for 1 hour and you find somewhere just around the corner with a nice swinging chair overlooking the beach that you can happily swing and read on for a few moments of peace and quiet?

Well, this is all a reality at SpacetoCo. We are here for you – locally. Come and see what might benefit you just around the corner.


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