A critical part of making SpacetoCo work is the Trust Factor. Rachel Botsman talks about Reputation Capital as the new emerging economy. What is she talking about?

She says that in the sharing economy, people tend to behave differently because they know they will be reviewed at the end of their time. In fact, not only are people keenly aware of their behaviour and actions in a sharing economy location to protect their profile so they can continue to access services, but they tend to behave even better than they did in their own homes! This ensures that they don’t get locked out of emerging sharing websites that offer alternative opportunities and services at competitive rates.

In The Circle by Dave Eggers (soon to be a major motion picture), Eggers postulates how everyone would behave if we always knew people were watching.  His hypothesis is that we would stop doing bad things entirely…  

The review system that is present on the most well known sharing platforms such as Uber and AirBnB ensures that everyone is on their best behaviour all the time.  If you receive a bad review by a driver on Uber, it could mean that you never get picked up by an Uber driver when they see your rating.  If you get a poor star review on AirBnB, future possible accommodation hosts may decline your offer to stay at their place because of prior behaviour.

Truly, this system keeps people in check and on their very best behaviour to ensure they don’t miss out on the next stay, ride or whatever is coming in the future.

It is with this successful model in mind that we have implemented a Messaging system and Two-Way Reviews at SpacetoCo.

This will ensure that:

  1. the Host provides a clean, tidy functional space in line with what they have presented on the site.
  2. the Guest who hires a Space will ensure that the place is in even better shape than it was when they arrived (think of the camping at the local national park mantra).

The power of Trust is a motivating factor when someone makes the decision to let you into their space.  You will work hard to ensure you leave a trail of trust-building actions everywhere so that next time you need a Space at SpacetoCo, you won’t be locked out!  

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