In Australia, we make use of many convenient, multinational companies. They offer great services, and we use them every day. But… what if there was a great local company that understood the Australian way of life and catered for it through every transaction?  

When we spend our money through a large American or Chinese owned company, much of the profits are funnelled back to the country of origin.

SpacetoCo is an Australian owned Space finding service. The money you spend on the site, benefits local, Australian Host owners and all profits and taxes collected, stay here and benefit Australia. As you would expect in Aus – we tell you upfront what the Host will receive, and what a Guest, who hires the space, will need to pay. We even display this as a Host lists their Space. The price you see on a Space you want to hire is the price – no hidden taxes will be added later.  It’s open, it’s transparent and it’s fair. Just the way we like it down under.

In some countries, they operate from the position of pay extra for tax and pay extra for a service change and pay extra for cleaning…. We don’t think this is right. It’s clearer when ‘what you see is what you get’. It seems like a small thing, but it is exactly this detail that makes SpacetoCo uniquely Australian.

Perth Startups that service Australia are rare. SpacetoCo offers an opportunity to back a local company that is building something to help local people and local area economies.  

So give us a go and list your space, or, get on board and hire a space for your next work meetup, weekend activity or lazy afternoon.

We can’t wait to see you supporting local.

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