We blame the automatic garage door opener.  It isn’t our fault; that’s for sure! Or maybe it is…

In most neighbourhoods these days, there are plenty of driveways that end in an automatic garage door. While convenient, especially on a rainy evening after a long day at work, what has this done for the concept of Community?

Growing up, we used to regularly wave, stop, chat and generally know the folks in our neighbourhood. That’s not really how it works now. We drive up the street, hit the button and drive right into our home – literally! There isn’t time for a chat – just drive in and close the door behind you.

Very convenient…or is it?

The off-the-cuff chats that our parents had with neighbours often ended up with a beer on the back porch and then staying for dinner. It was the catalyst for neighbourhood connection. Nowadays, everyone is soooo busy. We just don’t seem to have time for that unscheduled gathering. Our digital calendars don’t allow for it.

At SpacetoCo, the thinking is a little different. We think that the concept of community can be resurrected – we just need to think a little outside the box. For many of us who work from home, need a local court to practice that tennis forehand; or those of us with extra space that sits empty, a sharing economy is born!  

While sharing resources, something really special can happen; the off-the-cuff conversation with your neighbour! Just a quick chat that just might lead to something more…and the next time you see them down at the shops, you can wave and say hi because you actually know them. Isn’t that supposed to be what community is all about?

So log into SpacetoCo now and see if there is a neighbour nearby who just happens to have an amazing Space. 

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