Why are people engaging in the sharing economy? According to Rachel Botsman, the brain behind the concept of Collaborative Consumption, as a society we are sharing things such as pets, property, services and goods, to either fulfil a need or leverage an asset.

Botsman talks about the collaborative process that takes us back to collaborative behaviours which are hard-wired into our DNA. As humans, we want to share and work with others, and we want to encourage connection between people.

Instead of consuming to keep up with the Jones’, people are consuming to get to know the Jones’. With each new advancement in technology, sharing of resources becomes easier and easier.  

SpacetoCo is the perfect example of this new sharing economy that simply wasn’t possible just a few years ago. SpacetoCo’s platform is built on this concept of sharing & trust. We work hard to ensure that our profile framework for Hosts & Guests creates trust, and we want everyone to trust SpacetoCo’s platform and technology to facilitate that connection.  

Ultimately we desire an experience so flawless, that it disappears into the background as you explore and discover new and interesting spaces in your local area. So, get searching and enjoy the experience on a trusted platform!

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