Based on our own sharing economy experiences, we find that people generally take more care with someone’s personal space and belongings than they do in a commercial transaction, and in some cases by admission, more than their own things!

Why is this? How is it that so many rooms rent nightly without drama through AirBnB without a problem?  

We think it is because people who participate in sharing economies recognise that they have joined a group – a tribe. And to join that tribe means that there is a mutual respect for the people who share a Space and those who hire a Space. There is always the spectre of a poor review hovering over every transaction. There is some research that indicates that your online trust profile may be a key part of the economy of the future, and most sharing economy players are keen to keep their profile clear.

Here are some things to think about before listing your Space:

  • When you have people in your Space, they will be around your personal effects. Make sure that if you have something that is particularly rare, irreplaceable or has sentimental value, then put it away and out of sight!
  • When you have a look at your Space before your first hire, pretend that the space will be visited by a five-year-old child. What would that child grab, knock over, touch or otherwise handle? Remove those items.
  • How have you described your Space on Compare this with looking at your Space again with fresh eyes: If you were hiring the space for the purpose that you said it was for, are all of the elements you would need here?
  • Tidy the space: Clutter is the enemy of first impressions. Clear away any items that aren’t necessary for the hire of the space. Getting rid of excess clutter will help the inhabitants stay on-task and focussed.
  • Shift cars and clear paths to ensure your space is easy to access.
  • If bins are overflowing, empty them or shift them away.
  • If there is a pool, make sure levels are right for chemicals and fences are compliant and functioning.
  • Confirm the timings in your calendar; confirm that access will be easy or that someone is available to provide access if required.
  • Make sure your stocks are replenished: tea and coffee if applicable.
  • Open a window or put out a candle to help clear the air.
  • Double check the booking. Was there any extra equipment required in the booking as an add-on? Is it readily available in the space and ready for use? Does it require instructions? Is it charged/have batteries/functioning as it should?

Keeping your Space simple and easy to use will be the key to having a great experience through SpacetoCo for both the Guests, and you!