Think about your house and all of the spaces around your house. If we lived in a country where we simply could not afford to have empty rooms, what sorts of activities would you do in your vacant spaces?

This is the question hundreds of people will be asking themselves as they learn more about SpacetoCo, Australia’s first all-encompassing Space sharing website.

At SpacetoCo, you can list your unused Spaces and make them available to others – similar to AirBnB! This allows those underutilised areas of our homes and businesses to become tidy little money earners.

The beauty of SpacetoCo is that we handle everything from availability, payment, 2-way reviews and communication; ensuring the establishment of trust as people start participating in this sharing economy.

Go to SpacetoCo.com now to take a look at what might be listed near you? If there is nothing, maybe consider what you can list yourself…

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