Getting ready to list/host

So it’s time to list your Space – what now?

SpacetoCo is very simple to use. You can have your Space listed, and begin to take bookings immediately after listing your Space.  It’s important to stop and think about how you ‘sell’ your space to the public, before you take the step of Adding a Space.

For a visual look at creating a Space, click on the images below:

Here are some questions to think about for listing your Space effectively:

  • Space Type & Use: Here is a list to get you started: 

  • Number of Attendees: What’s the maximum amount of people that would work in your Space?

  • Times: What times will your Space be available, and on what days? What’s the minimum amount of time you want someone in your Space to make it worthwhile (Minimum Booking Time)? Do you need any time to prep between bookings (Host Prep Time)?

  • Hourly Rate: How much do you want to charge? Is there any local competition that you need to be aware of? At what rate are similar spaces Listed? Read more on how our payments work here:

  • Title: What will be the name of your Space? This comes up in search results, and you have 70 characters to get it right. What’s the most catchy thing you can come up with? Example: ‘Backyard Freshwater Pool for Relaxing’ or ‘Massive Open Warehouse for Events’.

  • Description: Here is your chance to share as much information on your Spaces as possible. Write down the following to:

    • Describe Spacers how amazing your Space is;
    • Include detailed descriptions of any amenities or hire items that need further explanation;
    • Give Spacers ideas on what sorts of activities are acceptable or appropriate in your Space;
    • Tell them what is close by, and what makes the location of your Space amazing.
  • Rules: This is really important, as it outlines what can/can’t be done in your Space. Some of the more obvious items are listed here in our Code of Conduct, and so ensure you include things that are specific to your Space. You can add to this over time as you start to receive more bookings and get a sense of how things work.

  • Special Instructions: This is private, and only the Spacer receives this information when you have confirmed the booking. Are there any special instructions they need to access the Space? Is it helpful if they have your mobile number? It’s always a good idea to keep this message positive, and help them feel welcome before they arrive at your Space.

  • Hire Items: What are some items you can hire out as extras? We have eight categories including Equipment, Food & Beverage, Food Equipment, Audio/Visual, Electrical, Services, Furniture & Parking. You can either choose to hire items or resources out by the hour (will be attached to the length of booking) or just a fixed price – it’s totally up to you as the Host.

  • Photos: You can add up to 10 photos of your Space. They should be in landscape mode (turn your phone sideways), and under 3mb (the ideal resolution is 1400px by 600px). If you’ve got special resources that are available, or you are including hire items, be sure to include pictures of those also. Photos are what sell Spaces, so don’t be afraid to spend a lot of time making sure these are right. Alternatively, hire a professional!

  • Amenities & Space Resources: Tick all the amenities that apply when adding Your Space, and remember that Spacers can choose to filter based on amenities. Do you have something special in your Space? You can add these as a Space Resource.

Once you’ve finished, check out your Space Page to make sure it’s all working well together. You can always jump back into your Account to edit your Space at any time!

If you have any further questions, just get in contact with us here – we are always happy to help.

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