In an ongoing effort to ensure that both Hosts and Guests feel comfortable with transacting with others online, SpacetoCo has released the newest feature in the dashboard – Australia Post Digital ID™.

Let us tell you a bit about Digital ID™:

  • Digital iD™ is an identity verification solution that works across channels and across government and business.

  • With Digital iD™, we’ve reimagined the way your customers prove who they are, whether online or in person.

  • Through the security and convenience of a smartphone, Digital iD™ helps remove the friction involved in signing up and using products and services where trust and identity is important.

  • Need to verify your identity? Digital iD™ is an easy and secure way to prove who you are online and in person. Verify yourself once, then use the Digital iD™ app to prove who you are wherever Digital iD™ is accepted. Keep an eye out as the Digital iD™ team continue to build more exciting features and places where you can use Digital iD™. Find out more at

  • For over 200 years Australians have been trusting Australia Post to securely deliver the sensitive information their letters and parcels contain. With Digital iD™, Australia Post offers a secure digital alternative to prove your identity and manage your personal information.

Digital iD™ is an easy and secure way to prove who you are online, over the phone and in person. You verify yourself once, then use the Digital iD™ app to prove who you are wherever Digital iD™ is accepted.  This gives you the ability to show to a prospective Host considering if you are right for hiring their space, that extra level of confidence that you are a real person!

It is a pretty full-on service. Digital iD™ works by comparing identity information you provide, for example a passport or driver’s licence, with the information kept on the issuer’s database. When the details are confirmed as a match, the identity is considered verified.

When entering your document information it’s important to enter your details exactly as they appear on your documents or it might not work properly. On-screen instructions are easy to understand.

When verifying more than one document, a successful verification can only be completed if the same name appears on all document types. Once you’ve been verified you can then use your Digital iD™ wherever Digital iD™ is accepted. How cool is that?

SpacetoCo is one of the first! Digital iD™ has recently launched in Australia. You can use Digital iD™ to prove who you are on Airtasker, Enablr, Credit Union Australia, Queensland Police, SpacetoCo or to sign up for participating Australia Post services, such as applying to put your mail on hold online. Over time you will find more and more places and businesses where you can use Digital iD™ to prove who you are.

What documents can I use to verify my identity?

  • A valid Australian Driver’s Licence. All Australian Driver’s licences including learner’s permits and probationary licences can be verified. All active, disqualified and suspended licences will also be accepted.

  • A valid Australian Passport Australian. Passports can be verified up to three years after the expiry date.

  • A valid International Passport with a valid Australian Visa. A valid Australian Visa is required to complete a successful verification of an International Passport. Dual Australian and International Passport holders will not be able to verify an International Passport, only their Australian Passport.

Thanks Australia Post! We know that along with pre-authorisations and two-way reviews, Digital ID is just another way that SpacetoCo Hosts and Guests can feel more comfortable sharing space and meeting new people.