One of our Co-Founders, Daniel McCullen, recently shared his thoughts on the beginnings of a marketplace and the last minute nature of finding a cheap activity to do with his family.

“What; you are going to New South Wales for a week?”

This was my first question when my wife said she was off to the Playback Theatre conference in the Blue Mountains. She had applied and was accepted…can’t argue with that.

Hmmm…responsibility for all drop offs and pickups for the various dance, netball and social activities that my daughters engage in week-in and week-out. Their social lives are much more robust than ours.

Ok, so adjust availability in the calendar for meetings after 3 and the weekend; what to eat for dinners; and most importantly, what will we do on the weekend??  

I love to take the opportunity to hang with my girls every chance I get. One is moving into complete independence and I have to check her calendar if I want to schedule some time. The other is also getting increasingly busy. They are becoming young ladies and soon won’t have time for a crusty old Dad.

So what to do…?

We ended up having a great weekend: movie night, complete with popcorn and enough junk food to keep our dentist in business for a while; a free concert with Mum in Belmont; kicking the footy in the park; some shopping (while I can’t stand the mall, the girls will happily wander the place for hours) and just generally hanging out around the house together playing our newest board game from Nana.

The panic that I always have when faced with finding a cool activity always passes quickly because Team McCullen is pretty good at finding things to do. We are easily entertained.

It did get me thinking about the beginning of the SpacetoCo journey though. My dream for the business was to be able to say to the girls on a Saturday morning, “What do you want to do?” and if there was no response, to simply search SpacetoCo for a tennis court, book it and grab some racquets and go.

With over 700 spaces in the system, there is so much to choose from for people looking for venues/facilities for all manner of purposes and activities.

It has taken a while to become the true marketplace we set out to create. And the best thing is that next weekend when we are a complete family again and with the prospect of two bored children in front of us, for $2 we are grabbing racquets to play doubles in the sun in no time.

SpacetoCo have tennis courts to book here and here.