• Your customers are our customers. We care about their experience more than anything.

  • We actively promote your spaces. We want to help you with increasing utilisation.

  • Its free to list your Space. We only charge a small fee for successful bookings.

City of Vincent partnered with SpacetoCo to bring space bookings into the 21st Century

“The City of Vincent recognises that our community now expects the availability of key services online, and this includes the booking of community buildings and parks.  We share the vision of connecting people with spaces, and therefore the availability of these underutilised building and parks on the SpacetoCo platform is an exciting way for Local Government to respond to what our customers want.”

We help you in the following ways

SpacetoCo is perfect for all kinds of Spaces

Halls, Pavillions, Parks, Gazebos, Reserves, BBQ’s, Food Trucks, Market Stalls – we’ve got them all covered!


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