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Join us as we work together to help you update the way bookings for your Spaces are handled, saving you time, improving efficiencies and bringing about better utilisation of community resources.

These are common issues most Space owners face
when dealing with management of space bookings:

How does SpacetoCo fit in?

SpacetoCo is a website for the sharing & short-term rental of spaces.
We connect people with space, to people who need space.
SpacetoCo gives space owners (Hosts) an automated solution, reducing the acceptance of a booking down to just one click.

SpacetoCo comes with the following benefits

Live Availability

Throw that paper calendar out, and share your availability live with the public. No more phone calls and questions about times your Space is open. As soon as you accept a booking, we block out the availability so no-one else can book over the top.


Search & Discovery

Using our simple filters, Guests can navigate through SpacetoCo and filter their results based on:

  • Location
  • Space Type
  • # of Attendees
  • Amenities
  • Price

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Seamless & Secure Transactions

Payments are made upfront, so there’s no more chasing money, no more invoices, and no more receipts! All of that is handled automatically by SpacetoCo. 



Trust goes both ways. Review your Guests profile each time they make a booking, and leave them a public review after.


Availability Adjustments

Closed for Christmas? No problem. Block out the availability of times your space is unavailable. 


We’re not just a booking platform, we are your partners.

  • Your customers are our customers. We care about their experience more than anything.

  • We actively promote your spaces. We want to help you with increasing utilisation.

  • Its free to list your Space. We only charge a small fee for successful bookings.

Paper Bird Spaces

Paper Bird partnered with SpacetoCo, and haven’t looked back

“Being situated in the Heritage Moores Building on Henry St in the heart of Fremantle, we recognised that our Spaces were desired by many but known only by a few. SpacetoCo offered us a chance to not only streamline our processes around the booking of Space, but gave us an opportunity to be exposed to a wider audience. We’ve since taken bookings for weddings, baby showers, documentary shoots and group workshops. The power of local people accessing local space is a vision we share with SpacetoCo, and one that I would ask all business owners to consider”

We’ve partnered with Australia Post to add a layer of trust to SpacetoCo user profiles. For over 200 years Australians have been trusting Australia Post to securely deliver the sensitive information their letters and parcels contain. With Digital iD™, Australia Post offers a secure digital alternative to prove your identity and manage your personal information. Find out more here. 

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We also help you in the following ways

SpacetoCo is perfect for all kinds of Spaces

Halls, Board Rooms, Training Facilities, Meeting Rooms, Event Spaces, Theatres – we’ve got. them all covered!

How does SpacetoCo help your Organisation?

connection between people & spaces

+ Collaboration
join us on the journey of improving the way our communities use space

+ Partnership
your customers are our customers. 

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Still have questions?

We’ve got you covered with some useful information below.

We’ve made it really, really simple. Just Sign Up here, and add your Space moments later.

In preparation for listing your Space, we’ve put together a helpful article on what you need to consider for your SpacetoCo listing.

You will need to task someone with the job of managing your Space(s). This person will be your ‘SpacetoCo Host’, and will be responsible for responding to booking requests, SpacetoCo messages and scheduling the Space for use.

Whilst so much of the booking process is automated, community members using your Space(s) will need a consistent point of contact. Upskilling more than one person is advisable.

For all other Frequently asked questions, click here.