The COVID pandemic and space sharing

 We’re very fortunate in Australia and New Zealand to be living in a region which has largely managed the COVID-19 pandemic successfully. Whilst this has allowed us to continue to share spaces, there are still guidelines that all of us need to follow. A number of states in Australia have released their own COVID register requirements. All hosts are required to adhere to the state laws that require a COVID register. 

Maintaining records of the hirers accessing your spaces, makes a lot of sense and could save lives in the event of an outbreak. We all have a role to play to ensure we stop the spread of COVID. 

How SpacetoCo can assist you as a host: 

SpacetoCo has several built-in features that will save you time and help you to access the information you require during the current period of the COVID pandemic. That said - these features are only as good as the way you apply them. Here is a summary of the best SpacetoCo COVID tips for hosts.

  1. You don’t need to pause your space: Some guests will be keen to make bookings with you that are several months away. If there is a COVID issue in your area, it could be cleared up by the time the booking is due. We recommend all hosts keep their spaces live to facilitate future bookings. You can always cancel closer to the date if required (see point 6 for this). 
  2. Maintain your Space Description: Make sure you have an accurate space description that reflects the latest situation with COVID. If you have a requirement to register all attendees for a booking, please indicate this on your space page and/or your rules. For further information on editing your space description, please click here.
  3. Use access instructions to communicate your COVID requirements: Whenever you accept a booking on SpacetoCo, we automatically email your guest their booking details as well as your space rules and access instructions. Are your access instructions and rules up-to-date in relation to COVID? You can edit them by following the instructions here.
  4. Update your attendees: What is the number of people allowed in your venue to maintain social distancing requirements? You can easily update this number which is reiterated to the guest during checkout. A space that would ordinarily have a capacity of 200, may be reduced to 50 to be compliant with local COVID regulations. Read more here.
  5. Questions at checkout: To reinforce your COVID expectations, did you know that you can have up to 8 yes/no questions at checkout for your hirers to respond to? For example:
    I understand that my guests will need to register their attendance as part of my space hire?
    When the response is Yes, the additional copy might be:
    “Please ensure that your guests understand the need to register their attendance in line with COVID guidelines”.
    You could also include a question about using a COVID register app and QR code at check-in. For more on creating and editing Questions at checkout, please click here.
  6. Fast cancellations (if needed): In the event of a COVID outbreak, it’s good to know that SpacetoCo provides a fast, easy and fee-free way to cancel bookings and return funds to your guests quickly. Click here to read about cancelling bookings.
  7. Booking Notes: Use the host booking notes to keep COVID related records. For example - a guest reported flu-like symptoms after accessing your space should be noted and recorded. These notes are all time-stamped and recorded next to the name of the host who logged the note. Notes can be recorded against guest profile and/or against a booking. To learn more about Notes, please click here.
  8. Booking activity data: If you are ever required to supply information about a booking, SpacetoCo provides this for you. Click on the booking concerned and choose the Activity tab to see when the booking was made and when notifications were sent.

Keeping everyone safe: 

During this time, we request hosts on SpacetoCo to fully understand what has been asked of them and to adhere to the instructions provided by the government authorities. 

Do you have any other ideas or suggestions related to COVID-19 and Space Sharing?

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