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What are the benefits of sharing school facilities with the community?

Schools are by design, strategically located in the centre of our communities.
Here are just some of the benefits that come with sharing Space with your local community.

How does SpacetoCo fit in?

SpacetoCo is a website for the sharing & short-term rental of spaces. We connect people with spaces, to people who need spaces. SpacetoCo allows people to search, book, pay and review for spaces close by, that they didn’t know existed. Find out how that part works here.

Taking bookings are easy through SpacetoCo

Education. It’s at the core of our vision for SpacetoCo.

Our society stands to benefit from greater collaboration, sharing of resources and connectedness.

SpacetoCo was founded by 3 former educators. We are interested in the future of education as well as the physical spaces that make up ‘a school’.

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How does SpacetoCo help your school?

connection between people & spaces

it’s about partnering, trust and connection

+ Collaboration
sharing ideas and expertise

Used by the following Schools

Maida Vale Primary School Spaces
Prendivlle Catholic College Spaces
Guildford Grammar School Spaces

State Governments encourage the use of School facilities with their community.

Each Australian State and Territory has a policy governing community use of school facilities and resources. The Western Australian Department of Education Policy Statement can be viewed at this link. Here’s an expert from the document:

School facilities and resources must be made available for use by the community, TAFEWA colleges and any other potential users.
Principals must not permit activities which are inconsistent with the educational aims of the school or which interfere with its operations.

Applications for use of school facilities and resources must be approved by the principal and formalised through a written agreement signed by the school principal and a representative of the user group.
Principals will consult with School Councils to establish the schedule of fees or charges to be applied for the hire or use of school facilities and resources.

West Australian Government, Department of Education

What Spaces do Schools have?

Schools have an abundance of useful Spaces that could be hired out. Here is a suggested list:

Oval Space | Hockey Field | Spare offices | Playground equipment | Netball court | Auditorium | Basketball Court | Maker Space | Canteen/Cafe | Theatre | Library | Green Screen | Gymnasium | Swimming pool | Tennis Court | Dance Studio | Boardroom | Music Studio | Specific training space | Flexible learning space | General classroom | Chapel | Interview room | Parking | Art classroom | Computer Lab | Community Garden | Undercover area | Cross country course | Gallery exhibition space

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Still have questions?

We’ve got you covered with some useful information below.

We’ve made it really, really simple. Just Sign Up here, and add your Space moments later. If only lesson planning was that easy.

In preparation for listing your Space, we’ve put together a helpful article on what you need to consider for your SpacetoCo listing.

You will need to task someone with the job of managing your Space(s). This person will be your ‘SpacetoCo Host’, and will be responsible for responding to booking requests, SpacetoCo messages and scheduling the Space for use.

Whilst so much of the booking process is automated, community members using your Space(s) will need a consistent point of contact. Upskilling more than one person is advisable.

This will vary from school to school. Responsibility for this is up to you but may involve: admin staff, grounds staff or teaching staff. It depends on each school context.

For all other Frequently asked questions, click here.

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