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Space booking is finally easy.
So how does SpacetoCo work?

SpacetoCo is a website that allows you to share and book space by the hour.
We connect people with space, to people who need space.

Being a Guest with SpacetoCo is simple.

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Don’t just take our word for it. This is what other Guests have to say.

“Amazing venue! Great venue host! This place is even better than the photos. So clean, bright and beautiful. Everything you need is there – Matt even had the music set up for us! Matt is super friendly and a great Host. Thanks for having us and I’ll definitely be using this space again.”

“Beyond Happy! Loved every element. Jennifer friendly helpful and attentive. As was Sarah. The space! Wow! Pictures don’t do it justice! The creativity and warmth is palpable. So glad we found you and will 100% be back!”

“Private and spacious. Thanks to Gabby and the team we had a great experience using this boardroom. We needed something for a workshop for 5 people and this was perfect. It had a screen for the presentation and the privacy we needed to get on with our strategic planning. Best of all, the girls offered to run across the road and buy us coffees!”

We try and keep it really simple. See how below.

Search & Discovery

Using our simple filters, find the exact space you need. Search results are based on:

  • Location
  • Space Type
  • # of Attendees
  • Amenities
  • Price
  • Quality of nearby coffee (JK. Added to the future list of features though)

So you can find that Space in your neighbourhood, with WiFi, free coffee and chickens (we actually have a Space that has all of those things).


Live Availability

On the phone hunting for available space? Throw that phone out and book like it’s 2018 (unless it’s an iPhone. We like iPhones). Put your request through to the Host, and once accepted, you’ll be kicking back in your Space in no time. Payment sorted. Receipts sorted. Life sorted. You’re welcome. 

p.s. Please don’t through your phone away. SpacetoCo works perfectly from any mobile device. 

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Trust goes both ways. Review the Space each time you use it, and the Host is allowed to review you. It keeps us all honest, and forms part of our Trust Framework.


Seamless & Secure Transactions

Payments are handled securely online, using fancy whiz-bang telecommunicationpaymentconnectors in the background. Basically, we send the money from you (the Guest) to the Host automatically. It’s how life should be – simple. 


We’ve partnered with Australia Post to add a layer of trust to SpacetoCo user profiles. For over 200 years Australians have been trusting Australia Post to securely deliver the sensitive information their letters and parcels contain. With Digital iD™, Australia Post offers a secure digital alternative to prove your identity and manage your personal information. Find out more here.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you. Our website guy is stoked he kept your interest for this long.

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