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Your most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital ID? 2018-03-09T10:16:42+00:00

Digital iD™ lets you verify yourself so you can easily prove who you are from your smartphone. For more information, please visit

Do I still need to register my ID if I am only a representative of a company? 2018-03-01T22:20:10+00:00

Yes. We have selected Stripe as our payment partner for processing both Host bank account details, and taking Credit Card payments from Guests. Stripe handles all verifications & security on SpacetoCo’s behalf and is a leader in this field. This means your private information is encrypted and is never actually viewable by anyone from either SpacetoCo or Stripe.

In order to receive Host payments, the account representative needs a to present a form of government-issued identification. The company representative can be anyone who has authorisation from their business to set up Host account within SpacetoCo. These individuals are not responsible or liable for any activity that happens on the business’s’ account.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to SpacetoCo here. You’re also welcome to view Stripe’s Term and Conditions here.

What happens if a Guest is loud in my Space? 2018-03-27T12:56:51+00:00

As per the Terms and Conditions, a Space hire can be cancelled at any time if any house rules are broken. If your house rules state “don’t be too loud”, then make sure in the ‘additional info’ sent to a Guest upon booking, that you articulate how loud you consider loud to be. By setting boundaries and expectations upfront, you can attract the right Guests for your property.

What is the SpacetoCo Code of Conduct? 2018-03-27T12:56:35+00:00


  • Guests – treat any Space you access as if it is your own (or better). Clean up after yourself and leave everything tidy.
  • Hosts – prepare your space to receive Guests by ensuring it is representative of your descriptions, and is comfortable for the activities intended
  • Communicate! Use the communication platform to ensure everyone is on the same page before someone ‘Spaces’
  • No rearrangement of space furniture without the consent of the Host
  • You must not leave your personal items in a space as storage
  • No smoking or consumption of alcohol without the direct consent of the Host
  • A Space is not to be used as a mailing address
  • Children can attend a Space only when accompanied by an adult and approved by the Host prior to the commencement of each booking.
  • Illegal activities will be reported to the relevant authorities
  • Pets can attend a Space only when accompanied by their owner and approved by the Host prior to the commencement of each booking
  • Be a contributor by responding to review requests
  • Be respectful and kind towards Hosts and Guests alike
  • Report any suspicious activity to SpacetoCo
What is SpacetoCo? 2018-03-01T22:21:17+00:00

SpacetoCo is a sharing economy platform for the short term hire of Space. We connect people with spaces, to people who need spaces. The results of these connections are greater levels of community, connectedness, convenience, collaboration and more… this is why we do what we do.

SpacetoCo allows people to search, book, pay and review for spaces close by, that they didn’t know existed.

SpacetoCo enables sharing, gives people greater flexibility and reduces traditional rent costs. It is a platform that benefits many and we believe that SpacetoCo will have a role to play in realising a more environmentally sustainable future. Our society stands to benefit from greater collaboration, sharing of resources and connectedness.

What if the Space is not what I expected? 2018-03-27T12:01:32+00:00

We do our best with help text, blog articles, FAQ’s and queues to allow Hosts to accurately describe their Spaces as best as they can. If you have specific needs for a Space, please ensure you message your Host ahead of time. This will allow you to check that the elements/resources you require are available in the Space. Once you have hired the Space, you can cancel as long as the cancellation policy allows it. Read more on that here.

Can I communicate with my Space Host outside of the SpacetoCo environment? 2017-02-15T13:45:40+00:00

We insist that all communications are undertaken on the SpacetoCo platform. If something was to go wrong, SpacetoCo will take this communication into consideration and act accordingly. Communications outside of the SpacetoCo platform will not be taken into account in mediating discrepancies.

How does payment work? 2017-02-15T13:43:18+00:00

We use the best third-party payment gateway in the business – Stripe. With their tasty encryption software, they keep it all safe & secure so you (or us) don’t have to worry about a thing. They hang onto the money until the transaction occurs, and then pay the Host directly. SpacetoCo then generates receipts that arrive by email after each transaction. It all sounds so simple…(Sound: Our developers crying themselves to sleep in the background)

How does SpacetoCo make money? 2018-03-27T13:15:39+00:00

We like to keep things simple at SpacetoCo, which is why we only charge a small fee when someone books. That way, if you don’t happen to make much money from your Space, then we won’t either.

We have selected the best payment processing company around called Stripe, which allows us to keep the booking process seamless, and allows you to add things on for extra hire.

One of our goals at SpacetoCo is to connect community, and if enough people participate, we all might make a little money.

For all the details on how we make money, click here.

What is considered appropriate behaviour in Spaces? 2017-02-15T13:34:40+00:00

It’s best to remember that everyone takes a little leap of faith with a community sharing resource. Think about the things that might frustrate a Host, a Host’s neighbours, or those around you while in the Space.  
Take a look at the Spaces’ rules before you head in. Common sense also prevails here. If all else, give it the ‘Mum test’ and ask yourself – what would my Mum think of this? That should give you an answer straight away 😉

What if I overstay my booking? 2017-02-15T13:31:38+00:00

If you need more time to in your Space, book another hour on SpacetoCo – it’s very easy to do! Keep in mind you may be eating into transition time for someone else’s booking and could inconvenience others by staying too late.

How do I review a Space? 2017-02-15T05:15:52+00:00

Once you have successfully used the Space as per your booking time, you will receive an email notification asking you to review the Space. You can also head over to the ‘My Account’ section and then to ‘Previous Bookings’ where you can review the Space.

How are dispute resolutions handled? 2017-02-15T05:15:15+00:00

Head on over to for the full details.

What is the refund policy? 2017-02-15T05:13:54+00:00

Head on over to for the full details.

What is the cancellation policy? 2017-02-15T05:13:32+00:00

Head on over to for the full details.

What food can I take and consume in a Space? 2017-02-15T05:12:54+00:00

That’s totally up to the Host. Some will be a little more obvious than others, so best to check with the host using the messaging service under ‘My Account’.

Are there any discounts? 2017-02-15T05:12:27+00:00

We are currently working on discounts as a feature. This will allow the Host to provide a discount structure either for day/week/month rates, or for corporate vs community group bookings. Check back soon, or sign up to our mailing list for regular updates.

Can someone stay the night at a SpacetoCo listing i.e. accommodation? 2018-03-27T12:47:29+00:00

Both the framework for the entire booking experience and our Terms and Conditions, do not allow for overnight accommodation. Head on over to AirBnB for that 🙂

How much of my profile is visible? 2018-03-27T13:11:17+00:00

As part of people being able to view your profile, we show them your:

  • Profile picture
  • First name
  • Age in years
  • Gender
  • A short description of yourself
  • Your social links (FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin)
  • How long ago you joined SpacetoCo
  • If you’ve verified your account with Australia Post Digital ID
Does SpacetoCo offer Security and Storage as a Space use? 2017-02-15T05:09:06+00:00

We will do in the future. For now, we are focusing our efforts on more short-term space use. Check back again soon, or sign up to our mailing list to receive regular updates.

How do I create a profile? 2018-03-27T12:03:00+00:00

Head on over to

How do I get notified about bookings? 2018-03-27T12:06:39+00:00

Notifications are also sent via email, so you can never miss a thing! We send emails for all major events happening in SpacetoCo including:

  • A new booking request
  • Confirmation of a booking
  • Receipts from both SpacetoCo & the Host
  • Reminder emails 24hrs before the booking
  • Internal messages
  • Booking cancellations
  • Booking declines
  • ‘Time is running out’ notifications for the Host to accept a booking
What price should I set for my Hire Items? 2017-02-15T04:00:56+00:00

It’s totally up to you. Maybe do some research online for what you would expect to pay from other services/businesses. Keep in mind that you are transacting in the sharing economy, and so people expect to pay a little less and get a great deal. Repeat customers are the best customers!

What price should I set for my Space? 2017-02-15T04:00:29+00:00

Conduct some research in your area to find what you would expect to pay for a Space like yours. That being said, SpacetoCo opens up a world of Spaces that never previously existed. Maybe keep your costs low to test the waters up front, and see how the public responds. If your Space has high demand, you may be able to increase your price a little as time goes by.

What local legislation do I need to consult before listing my Space? 2017-02-15T03:59:48+00:00

It’s always best to check with your local council or government body to ensure you are ticking all of the boxes before you list your Space.

What are suitable hire items to include in my listing? 2017-02-15T03:59:14+00:00

We’ve given you options to help such as Equipment, Food & Beverage, Food Equipment, Audio/Visual, Electrical, Services, Furniture & Parking. So you can list everything from an extra set of table/chairs, to a BBQ, bouncy castle, staff, or your great home cooking!

How do I get notified about my booking? 2018-03-27T13:10:17+00:00

Both the Host & Guest will receive an email notification at the time of the booking request, as well as 24 hours before the booking occurs.

How do I list a Space? 2018-03-27T11:25:09+00:00

That’s an easy one to answer. Just head on over to and get started. If you don’t have an account, then it will ask you to create one.

Can I expect my Host to serve me refreshments? 2017-02-15T03:45:31+00:00

That’s totally up to the host. They can either include refreshments as part of the hourly rate, or they can choose to add on your double-espresso-decaf-mocha-almond-milk-skinny-tall-late-special as an additional hire item! 😉

Being a good host comes down to the little things, so if coffee is on the house, then you’ll likely return again.

Pre-authorisation 2018-03-27T12:45:57+00:00

The amount set by the Host as a security deposit in the event of a damage claim. Pre-authorisations are not charged to a Guests account unless a damage claim is made by the Host.

List (verb) 2017-02-11T08:32:42+00:00

The process of listing a Space on the SpacetoCo website for rent by the hour.

Guest & Host 2018-03-27T12:04:10+00:00

Guest: Any person who books and accesses a SpacetoCo Space.

Host: Any person who lists and rents out a SpacetoCo Space.

Additional Items & Charges 2018-03-27T12:48:03+00:00

Additional equipment or amenities that can be hired for an extra fee. These can be charged by the hour or offered as a fixed cost per booking. Items are set by the Host and are specific to a Space. Not every Space will offer the same Hire Items, and some may not offer any. 

Amenities 2018-03-27T12:46:37+00:00

Space features that are relevant to Space hire. They will add to the comfort and serviceability of a Space. Some examples of amenities are: toilets, projector, free parking etc…

Space Use 2017-02-11T08:22:03+00:00

Space Use: the category of how a Space will be used. At present, this is divided up into the following eight Space Uses:

  • Work & Business – Space use related to focus and concentration tasks for teams or individuals
  • Learning – Space use based around education, teaching and instruction. These may not necessarily be based in an education institution e.g. learning farming practices
  • Nature – Spaces that are located in natural environment surroundings
  • Social – Space use for non-work gatherings, small or large
  • Event – Spaces that can hold a large number of people for all types of activities
  • Sport / Leisure – Spaces for human movement and physical activity
  • Creative – Spaces that leverage the ‘arts’
  • Resource – Spaces that involve specific facilities, tools and equipment. These can be a Space within a Space.
What happens if my Space Host isn’t there to let me in or is running late? 2018-03-27T12:03:27+00:00

Hosts are reminded of their duty to ensure your access to the space booked. If a Host does not meet this commitment, you may be entitled to a partial refund. Please contact us at:

What happens if a Guest is late/early? 2018-03-27T12:30:43+00:00

If a Guest is early, they may need to wait to access the Space.

If a Guest is late to use the Space, the Host may choose to only give them access to the Space for the remainder of booking time. This ultimately comes back to responsible Hosting, and general understanding of unusual situations. If a Guest is late due to a reason outside of their control, then commonsense communication comes into play. 

Of course, this is particularly important for Spaces that are booked out multiple times during the day. If one person was late at the beginning of the day, then all bookings could be put out.

What happens is a Guest doesn’t show up? 2018-03-27T12:34:41+00:00

Based on the cancellation policy set by the Host all charges will proceed as normal.

What are the local requirements for a Space? 2017-02-11T08:11:59+00:00

You will need to check with your local government our council to ensure that you are able to list a Space on SpacetoCo. There are a number of requirements for having people in your home and they may include, but not be limited to access to toilets, disabled access, etc.

How do I make use of the $500 pre-authorisation? 2018-03-27T12:47:17+00:00

If you feel that a Guest has damaged or left the space in a terrible state of cleanliness at the conclusion of the booking, and there will be a cost to rectify the situation, you need to contact us immediately:

If you don’t tell us, we can’t help. All settlements of funds must occur within 7 days of the booking taking place. You will need to provide details, pictures, quotes and any other relevant information that SpacetoCo requests of you immediately in order to make the 7 day deadline. SpacetoCo decisions on whether to execute a charge are final. If any communication happens outside of the SpacetoCo environment, Hosts remove their ability to claim this charge.

Am I insured? 2017-02-23T08:42:33+00:00

Commercial: Commercial facilities will have a requirement already for liability insurance in case something goes wrong at their property. This is the policy that comes into play in the event that something is damaged or someone is injured.

Private Residence: Home and Contents Insurance covers your home and the things inside your home. Read this policy carefully to ensure that your contents are covered if you invite someone into your home as a Host.

Coming Soon: A mandatory cross-liability policy put in place by SpacetoCo that sits over the top of all bookings to supplement the policies that you already have in place.

What is the difference between amenities and hire items? 2017-02-11T03:31:25+00:00

Amenities are simply items/things/services that are available for use within the Space. WiFi, toilets and/or TV are all amenities you could expect in a Space.

Hire Items are things that the Host can give you access to for additional cost. A bouncy castle, a projector or food are items you would expect to pay for.

How much of my account profile do I need to fill in? 2018-03-27T13:16:57+00:00

That’s a great question – you can either sign up via email or Facebook, which ask for a minimum amount of information (First Name & Last Name). From there, it’s totally up to you for entering information like social links, email, DOB, address & description. Keep in mind though that Hosts & Guests can view your profile, so the more information you share, the more likely you are to build trust.

When do I have to give my bank details to SpacetoCo? 2018-03-27T13:16:46+00:00

We use Stripe, a secure payment gateway, to store your bank account details (which means we don’t have visibility on the exact information). We need to request your bank account information when you list a Space as a Host, so we can pay you.

For booking a Space, we use Stripe again to ask for your credit card details so we can process the payment. This happens each time you book a Space.

What Credit Cards do you accept? 2017-02-11T03:22:13+00:00

All the major ones including Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover.

Can I cancel my booking? 2018-03-27T12:57:13+00:00

Yes you can. Visit our Cancellation Policy for more information.

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