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About us

Want to join our team and change the world?

SpacetoCo is a brand new startup based in Perth, WA. We aim to connect the community, open up underutilised spaces and create a new form of sharing economy.

If you’ve landed here and you’re still wondering what this SpacetoCo thing is all about, click here to find out more.

Jobs @ SpacetoCo

Photographer – This job is now closed. 

Do you love taking pictures of beautiful spaces?
Do you have the ability to direct a shot to make space look fantastic?
Are you looking to build your portfolio of work in a public space that potentially hundreds and then thousands of people might see every day?

We are looking for Perth photographers to assist our Hosts with taking beautiful pictures of their space.

As part of a value exchange, you will be providing our SpacetoCo Hosts with the following:

  • 10 photos of their space
  • Rights to use those photos on SpacetoCo.com

In return, SpacetoCo will offer you the following at no charge:

  • Free advertisement for your photography services on our website
  • An option to choose your pay level, depending on your skillset (Fixed price of $99, $199, $299 or $500+ inc GST). This will be visible on our website.
  • Payment is made directly from the Host (Space owner) to you (the photographer). SpacetoCo is not involved in payments
  • Access to photograph a variety of indoor & outdoor spaces
  • Free promotion by SpacetoCo to our growing network of SpacetoCo Hosts and encouragement to use your services
  • The opportunity to grow your professional photography portfolio. You retain full rights to all photos taken

Frequently asked questions

Am I contracted?
Not by SpacetoCo directly. We will post your picture, name, portfolio and contact details on our website. It’s then up to the Hosts to contact you for work, and to pay you directly for that.

How often will I be working?
We will constantly be pushing out your details to our Host network, and it will be up to Hosts to contact you directly. You’re also welcome to reach out to Spaces through our platform if you feel your photography services could be of value.

What’s the turn around time on the photos?
This is determined by yourself and the Host. A fair and reasonable time would be 1 to 2 weeks for 10 photos.

Will I work for free?
No, all work is paid. Payment comes directly from the Host (space owner) to you (the photographer).

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