SpacetoCo De-Registering Account

This document declares the undertakings by SpacetoCo in relation to its handling of Accounts.

Oh no! You want to leave?

We are very sad to see you go.  We would really like to get a bit of detail around why you are deciding to leave so we can make any important changes to make sure things are smooth for everyone.

As per the Ts and Cs, you can always de-register your account. This is similar to emptying to your Recycle Bin on your computer. Your data will no longer be available to others on the site. If you want to re-register in the future you will need to contact us, as your details will be flagged in our system and re-application may require a process. You may de-register here:

If you are a bit hot under the collar about something in particular, and you think we might be able to fix it, fill in this form: 

If you still definitely want to leave, we will need some more details from you to ensure we tidy up your account and don’t inconvenience anyone else in the process.

The SpacetoCo Team

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