SpacetoCo Dispute Resolution

This document declares the undertakings by SpacetoCo in relation to its handling of Disputes.

While most of the time, things are going to go wonderfully, accidents can happen and are by their very nature, unplanned. SpacetoCo has the following policy in place for when things do go wrong. We have tried to make it as straight-forward and absent of mumbo-jumbo legalese as possible to help simplify the process. To learn more about being safe, go to these articles about keeping covered in the event of an emergency: Insurance & Keeping Safe

We have a really detailed set of instructions to follow when there is a dispute, but in short, this is what you need to know:

  1. Visit to file your concern
  2. Fill in the form as best you can including details, quotes, etc.
  3. SpacetoCo will reach out for more details if required.
  4. We will make a decision within 7 days. This is critical in order to ensure that all processes take place appropriately and take into account the needs of external parties if required.
  5. If required we will exercise the applicable charges as set out in the Terms & Conditions

All decisions made by SpacetoCo are final.

Pre-authorisation Action

What is it?
The policy is the pre-authorisation to charge a Spacer’s credit card in the case that there is damage and the final SpacetoCo decision is to make a reconciliatory payment to recover loss. The amount/value of Security Deposit is determined by each individual Host at the time they list their Space on

Why do we?
This policy is in place to ensure that users, both Spacers and Hosts, have the peace of mind participating in a sharing network.

When do we?
This policy is utilised any time a SpacetoCo Complaints Handler makes a decision or ruling on a complaint that has resulted in financial loss for a party in a SpacetoCo transaction. This is based on the internal procedure for Complaints Handling.

By involving SpacetoCo in renting a Space, or Hosting a Space, you agree to abide by our decision.

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