SpacetoCo has partnered with Sofar Sounds Perth to be involved with City of Perth’s 2019 “Let’s Thursday like We Friday” Campaign. SpacetoCo will provide venues to five secret Sofar Sounds gigs on each Thursday during the month of May. To promote this event, SpacetoCo will run a competition whereby Facebook users have the opportunity to guess the next hidden location of the gig. SpacetoCo will share one image of the venue the Friday before the next Sofar Sounds gig. This photo will deliberately be unclear and obscure and Facebook users will have the opportunity to guess where it was taken for a chance to win two free tickets to attend the event.

For an entry to be valid, the participant must:

  1. ‘Like’ the obscure image posted on the SpacetoCo Facebook page at .
  2. Tag another Facebook user within the comments section of the obscure image posted by SpacetoCo OR  share the obscure image to the entrant’s personal Facebook timeline.
  3. Comment on the post where they  in the City of Perth the obscure image was taken and hence, where the next Sofar Sounds gig will be hosted.
  4. Follow both the SpacetoCo and Sofar Sounds Perth Facebook pages.

By entering SpacetoCo’s Let’s Thursday Like We Friday competition, the entrant agrees to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • The participant is at least 18 years of age.
  • The participant is a resident within Australia and is able to travel to the City of Perth to attend the Sofar Sounds music gig.
  • The participant is not an employee or volunteer at any of the following:
    • SpacetoCo
    • Sofar Sounds Perth
    • Lewis Martin Photography
    • Freo Hire
    • Cobo Photography
    • Mendelle Media
    • Sae Qantum Media Institute
    • City of Perth Local Government Council
    • Any of the venues that have partnered with SpacetoCo and agreed to host a Sofar Sounds music gig.
  • The participant is available to attend the Sofar Sounds Perth gig on the date advertised on the post.
  • Each week’s competition opens at 08:00 on the Friday before the following Thursday’s concert and closes at 23:59 on the Tuesday before the advertised Sofar Sounds gig. Any entrants before or after this time will not be valid and will not be taken into consideration when selecting a winner.
  • The competition will consist of five rounds, following the above described format. The first round will start on Friday 26 April 2019, and the final round will conclude on Tuesday 28 May 2019.
  • SpacetoCo reserves the right to select a winner if the guess is deemed close enough to the location of the secret gig. Should this not be the case, SpacetoCo reserves the right to not allocate a winner.
  • If more than one participant guesses the location correctly, a winner will be selected on a first come, first serve basis and the entrant who guessed correctly first will be allocated the prize.
  • If it is found that the entrant did not follow all the rules, terms and conditions as stated, they are automatically disqualified from the opportunity to win even if their guess was correct.
  • The winner will be notified via direct message on Facebook by midday, the day before the Sofar Sounds gig (Wednesday) with a public announcement being made at 20:00 on the same day.
  • Should the winner be unable to accept the free tickets, they must notify SpacetoCo no later than two hours after being awarded the tickets to ensure sufficient time for a runner-up to be allocated.
  • Although two free tickets are allocated to a winner, the winner is not required to use both tickets in order to attend the event.
  • The prize of two free tickets cannot be exchanged for equivalent cash or be used at a later date.
  • The winner will be responsible for their own transport to and from the Sofar Sounds gig and will carry the costs of any food, drink and seating arrangements on the night. SpacetoCo will only supply the tickets required for entry, any other costs are the responsibility of the winner and their plus one.
  • When attending the gig, the participant is subject to Sofar Sounds Perth’s terms and conditions regarding event attendance. More details can be found on their website:
  • The participant agrees for photos, videos and statements to be collected by SpacetoCo and for such content to be used at the discretion of SpacetoCo in the promotion of the event and any future collaborations between the company and Sofar Sounds Perth.
  • Any further personal information collected from the participants will be handled in accordance to the Australian Privacy Act 1988.