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The world is full of beautiful spaces!
In February 2016, we set out to create an amazing platform where beautiful spaces waiting to be discovered could be found and booked, in just a couple of clicks. All three Co-founders have young families and we are passionate about connecting people, improving the environment and bringing back the local village.


Jeremy Hurst

Jeremy loves the idea that SpacetoCo can offer people a more sustainable way to find a Space to use around them. In 2015, Jeremy studied the course ‘U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society and Self’, and is working to bring the values of this course into his every-day work. It is the combination of all these things which led Jeremy to form and then build the idea of SpacetoCo.

Daniel McCullen

Daniel is excited to build an organisation that has an end goal of improving the world in which we live, for his family and those around him. His core belief that SpacetoCo can facilitate connection between people in their immediate community and foster more inclusive local economies, is the driving force behind his dedication to the project.

Daniel Franco

Franco, as he is affectionately called by the team members, is stoked to see people’s resources better utilised for a variety of purposes in all communities. For him it’s about making a difference in people’s lives. The idea of SpacetoCo for Franco takes society back to knowing our neighbour, helps us keep the garage door open and the front door unlocked. He’s also the only founder without grey hair.


So many Spaces

We sat down to brainstorm all the different ways Space could be used, and came up with an enormous list. Once you actually take the time to think about how Space is used/unused, the possibilities are endless.

So how does it all work?

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