Why SpacetoCo? – the simple way to share unique spaces 2017-11-17T12:04:54+00:00

we believe

people with spaces + people who need spaces

= community, connectedness, convenience, collaboration & more.

what is SpacetoCo?

we’re a web platform for the short-term rental of Spaces.
do you have a Space to share?
are you looking for Space to hire?
has you covered.

why we started

to build
connection between people & spaces

to improve
sustainability by using what we have, close to us

to enable
sharing and reduce traditional rent costs

how we’re different

host marketplace

host created

all space types

not just for work

one stop shop

book, pay, review

suits everyone

not just businesses

live calendar

book anytime

nearby & local

not just in the city

who benefits?


you can benefit | hosts benefit | society can benefit | the planet benefits | local area economies benefit


discover what you don’t know #dwydk

search, find, book, pay, review #convenience

make some moolah #sharingiscaring

meet some amazing peeps #connectingcommunity

walk to work instead of drive #sustainability

access awesome spaces for less #savingdollars

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