The Host Partner Pack

Tell more people about your Space. Get more bookings. 

You’ve joined a new movement to help people discover Space nearby that they didn’t know existed.
With your help, we can improve the use of your space, create more connection between people and support the local economy.

You are a SpacetoCo Host.
And that makes you part of our family!
Therefore, we #thankyou.

Some great Host examples

We’ve put together a list of our best Hosts

The Host Partner Pack is designed in a way to give you, as a Host, multiple ways to market to your existing database and customers. Capture that traffic on your website through the Website Pin, or every customer who walks through the door with the Window Decal. Every little interaction goes towards getting your more bookings.

Here’s a reminder on just some of the ways we support our Hosts

(all the things you love about us)

  • Never miss a booking. You get prompted every time there is a message, upcoming booking, etc…

  • Reviews of your Space(s) to encourage more bookings. Reviews build trust

  • Participation in an online marketplace, helping you to grow bookings over time

  • Online payments with a security pre-authorisation amount taken care of

  • Assistance from the SpacetoCo team if there are any disputes

  • See who is booking your space when you use the SpacetoCo platform

  • Funds delivered straight to your bank account

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