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What is SpacetoCo?

We’re a web platform for the short-term rental of Spaces.
Do you have a Space to share?
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SpacetoCo has you covered.

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Why SpacetoCo?

The Host(s)

n. The awesome peeps who share their Space with other awesome peeps.

Ever wondered how you can participate more in your local Community? Ever wanted to make some dollars from your amazing Space? Now you can do both, thanks to SpacetoCo.


The Spacer(s)

n. The cool peeps who understand the world is changing and dig the sharing economy.

Finally there is amazing choice in the Spaces you can access…No more corporate rates & no more ridiculous pricing for extras. Support local and be local, all thanks to SpacetoCo.

So what does it cost?

We’re not interested in charging you massive fees. We want local area economies to make money, and we want people to explore and discover the unique Spaces close to wherever they are. That’s why we aim to keep our costs low, and in-line with other sharing economy pricing models.

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