All I want for Christmas is no spillages, damages and messy bookings....


It's now December and Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé have more or less defrosted now, ready to sing us our Christmas tunes. And ho ho ho, it's also a good reminder that WE are in the Christmas season, which means that it’s that magical time of year when festive cheer can turn into festive oh dear!

So every time you hear a Christmas tune, let it be a reminder to add a bond to your bookings in one click and take the risk out of Christmas bookings.

We all know that Christmas is the highest-risk time of year for venue bookings. Luckily there is a completely faff-free way to protect your venue. 

SpaceProtect is an easy way to protect your casual bookings with a bond. Simply choose the bond amount when you accept the booking. The bond will be automatically held on the customer's card 4 days before the booking starts and returned after the booking unless you need to make a claim. 

Need a reminder as to how to use bonds? Watch the video to see how you can bond with more than just loved ones this Christmas (Ho ho ho) 😉👇

Plus, worry not! Here's a very early Christmas present from us to you - you can apply it on bookings that you’ve already accepted! 

Give it a go on your next booking or you can even apply it on future bookings that you’ve already accepted.  For all the details, click here.