New Product Update! Bookings Attendees, Bulk-Edit Questions and more!

Hi everyone! We're back with some helpful tools for both hosts and guests to help make bookings easier. First off, the host updates:

  • You can now see the number of attendees of bookings at your spaces all in one place, which could be super useful for capacity planning eg. getting more tables and chairs if, as a host, you saw more people attending. 
  • You can also bulk-edit questions which is useful if more than one of your spaces have the same requirements and ask guests the same things.


Guests, you're in for a few treats too:

  • When you book a space, you're able to see when it is available at a glance using the new availability calendar! It comes complete with dates, times and grey rectangles that show when the space is booked out.


  • Finally, no need to keep those paper receipts tucked away in a forgotten drawer! All your bookings transactions can now be found in one place on your profile's new Transactions page! Besides being able to download and print receipts, you can see which bookings have been completed, cancelled or even booked with a SpaceProtect bond. 

For more information, watch the video below. Take it easy with these time-saving tools that make bookings easier!