Save time with verified guest multi-booking!

Let’s face it - time is precious, especially in our line of work. That’s why we at SpacetoCo love finding ways to save time, like our hotly requested feature verified guest multi-booking! 

This feature lets verified guests (who have been given permission) to make multiple bookings at a venue in a single event template. This means they can submit a request for a recurring weekly or monthly booking or a series of dates.  Hosts will receive the multiple booking request and can approve them all on one go, or approve specific bookings. 

Forward-planning guests no longer have to submit each booking individually and hosts can breathe a sigh of relief for not having to enter all the regular bookings for their guests.

Ahh, time - now that’s the real prize! With guest-multi booking, both hosts and guests will have more time on their hands to tick off other pesky tasks on the to-do list (or you know what...maybe even take a tea break!)

See how it works here, and access a video to share with your verified guests on how to make multi bookings.

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Speaking of time, we’ve rolled out this feature just in time for entering 2022 bookings . So from us to you, enjoy the gift of time this end-of-year with guest multi-booking!