The ultimate guide to communicating your holiday shutdown period

Christmas 2023 E2

Let's be real. We all wish we can just be by the beach right now, toes deep in the sand as we feel the nice hot sun by our skin, enjoying the summer with our loved ones and maybe even with a fresh bevy in hand. I know that's what I want for Christmas this year. A nice, de-stressful holiday not having a worry about anything work-related. 

And yet, here we are worried about how we can manage the Christmas period hires and the changes and enquiries they're always needing at the last minute. Lucky for you, we found a way for you to manage your hirer's expectations with these easy ways to deal with bookings - whatever your holiday plans are!

Whether you’re locking the doors and heading to the beach or still keeping the lights on for a few festive bookings, you may still get customer enquiries during the holiday period. Whatever your plans are, we’ve prepared the ultimate guide to help you use SpacetoCo to set you and your hirers up for a cruisy Christmas break. Don’t miss out on these time saving hacks!

Christmas Shut down Infographic-1

You can see it now can't you? You're slowly de-stressing for sure from this one guide. Well, you're welcome. Another early Christmas present from us at SpacetoCo to you!

Go ahead. You deserve it for working so hard this year. 🎁

Grab the guide here!