Co-create clever with SpacetoCo

Employment opportunities with SpacetoCo - the marketplace for space. We're growing and often on the lookout for talented individuals who want to help us scale and make a meaningful difference in the world. 


Full Stack Security Specialist

This role is about creatively solving problems and using clever solutions to bend code to your will. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help an ‘up and coming’ company that is successfully grabbing market share and in a growth phase of business solving customer problems with unique software solutions that question the conventional wisdom.  


Front End Engineer/Developer

Are you looking for a project that challenges your creative thinking? Is the work that you currently do valued by others? Are you annoyed with waiting for months/years before pushing to production? Do you love making customers happy with clean and clear UX/UI? Tired of some boss telling you to work in the office? 

SpacetoCo Snapshot

Everyone has ideas, but some ideas are so compelling you simply have to act. And by act we mean quit jobs and jump headfirst into building a business… why wouldn’t you? it’s been a wild ride involving surviving Shark Tank, living off bare essentials and enduring a global pandemic, but… we are here and we are growing - best of all, people are using local spaces more as a result of what we have built. 

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