Front End Engineer/ Developer

This role is about creatively solving problems and using clever solutions to bend code to your will.  Read on to find more information about the role and how to apply.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help an ‘up and coming’ company that is successfully grabbing market share and in a growth phase of business solving customer problems with unique software solutions that question the conventional wisdom. 

  • You are excellent at seeing the big picture and how to develop for that.
  • You are able to work through gnarly problems systematically to find a solution in/out of the box
  • You love pushing your code to production regularly and seeing it in action out in the world
  • Can you work with complexity and control complex data structures
  • Identify and write optimisations where needed
  • Deep dive into the nuts and bolts of dependencies to understand how they work and how to bend them to your will
  • Understand and implement flows and processes that deal with complicated user journeys
  • Work end to end on the front end, from the data store to the button the user clicks
  • You love being a critical cog in a machine that people can depend on
  • Communicating where you are at (including where you are struggling and need support) is ok with you
  • Engage with different stakeholders at different parts of the project development cycle, from other developers to customers.
  • Code review from time to time is a-ok
  • You can empathise with customer needs, but effectively prioritise based on business constraints and priorities

Our product isn’t a basic website to support the sale of a product - the website IS the product, and it has to be amazing. It can be complex at times, and it won’t be easy to solve tricky problems that our customers present. 

Our dev team is six strong and looking to grow, but your code will be critical to making sure that the company can grow faster by adding services that we already know our customers want.  We have a Vue/Node/Mongo tech stack and we run two-week sprints to get features out efficiently.

As a part of our amazingly productive team, you will get the chance to lead and to follow, depending on the project as we have a variety of skill levels on the team. One thing our team really values is the opportunity to work on something meaningful that contributes positively to the planet. The other thing… you will get to hear how good you are all the time from happy customers as you make them more efficient at their job. They tell us all the time!

This is a ground-level opportunity to go on an adventure of scale! You will be a critical and valued member of our team. 

If you love the mission, and the characteristics above describe your purpose, skills and passion, then stop what you are doing and apply right now!

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