Have you got your regular bookings in for 2024 yet?


What is Christmas if it doesn't have any fun and cheer!? Yup, here at SpacetoCo we always try to find innovative and,  where possible, fun ways to keep our hosts engaged and involved. (YOU ALREADY KNOW!)

It's December 2023 and gone are the days where you'll just read a basic blog about Christmas cheer for work. So we present you our final gift - our SpacetoCo Regular Hire Bingo Quiz. (Wow, are out here feeling like Oprah giving ya'll gifts left, right and centre).

Try not to get too excited and make sure you read on after the Oprah meme below 👇

Oprah meme

Nothing serious, just a kind reminder to get regular hire bookings in and all the ways you can use SpacetoCo to make it easier to get your regular bookings sorted for next year, because we know that getting your regular hires locked and loaded for next year can feel like a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. There are heaps of features in SpacetoCo to make this easier...

...But have you used all of them? 🤔 Try the SpacetoCo Regular Hire Bingo Quiz and see whether you’re a newbie or a ninja! 

Take the quiz and see how you score! Play here!