AI hacks for community centres!

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Free hacks for community centres to save time! Some of our favourite words all in one sentence... Free? Hack? For community centres? To save time?

Say less. Yes, please! 🙋

With Artificial Intelligence, it is now easier to be able to save time with your work in community centres. We know that Artificial Intelligence can seem like such a daunting new realm to jump into (I mean, same here). But when it took the world by storm, we couldn't keep turning our heads from it, and thankfully so! 

In our recent Community Venue Learning Series, we went through and showcased some of these awesome hacks - not to mention again that these are free! If you want to watch the recording of that learning series, you can find it here

Furthermore, we've not only done some research and found several ways AI can help further the mission of community centres by saving staff time, freeing you from repetitive admin without letting go of human creativity, but we've also put it all in a blog so you're able to access them with a click of a button! 

So with this awesome resource, we hope you can have the courage to take that step in allowing AI to help you in your work a little bit more. We promise it doesn't bite. 

Check out the full 20 simple and free AI hacks to save time at your busy community venue here.