How can an online booking system ACTUALLY benefit my community space?

You're well aware that dealing with manual bookings at your space isn't ideal. Paper forms, long email threads and chasing up invoices is a hassle, and you'd much rather use this time to do work that matters, like that placemaking project you've been dreaming of for your space!

You're also well aware of the supposed pros of an online booking system, with its promises of freeing up time for you and your team as well as increasing revenue. But whether you need more convincing or your committee does, sometimes figures are needed to back up these claims.

At SpacetoCo, we back ourselves and want to prove that moving to an online booking system ACTUALLY DOES deliver on those promises. When we partner with real-life organisations who want to move bookings online, we draw up a business case for each of them so that they can see practical and particular gains when making the jump. 

If you want to see an example business case to help you make the decision, we've made one that replicates the many cases we make for real organisations. This document comes complete with how online bookings can align with a community space, as well as projected figures. Keen to check it out? Download the example business case here!

Business Case