NEW! Schedule View - Product Update

Say hello to Schedule View, a very cool update for you Partner and PartnerPro Hosts. This feature actually affects the guest side, but makes your spaces more easy to book! 😎

Schedule View works like this: whenever a guest looks at your host page with all of your space listings, they will be able to check out important information about your spaces without even going into their respective pages! All they need to do is click the calendar icon on the top right corner of your spaces' images...

schedule view

...and a window pops up with the spaces' price per hour, minimum booking time and max occupancy, plus a calendar they can toggle to check out current availability! If they're happy with what they see, they can easily click the 'Book Now' button, which will lead them to the actual space page to continue the booking process.


Check out the video below to see Schedule View in action!