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Community halls are such useful spaces. Communities throughout the country are dotted with a huge range of halls and rooms from grand 100 year old town buildings to more sleek and modern community centres with the latest creature comforts. Whatever size, type and age of the community hall you need, availability, price, location and facilities/amenity will all be essential information you want.
Most of us considering community hall hire will usually have an idea in our mind of the hall we are looking for. You have likely already imagined your event in this hall. Getting the hall booked and locked in quickly is now super important to you. If you are in a hurry and are tired of Google searching and calling, then check out There are thousands of community spaces to choose from.
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If you’re searching for a little more inspiration or you want to get bookings for your community space(s) then read on!

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What is it that community halls are hired for? 

Over the past few years of taking bookings for community spaces and halls around the country, we have learned that the community hall and community centre are one of the most flexible spaces you can hire. 

Here is a list of some of the reasons people hire community halls and community centres:

Community gatherings, large meetings, functions, kids birthday parties, family events, music performances, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, engagement parties, club events, milestone birthday parties such as 18th birthday, small conference room hire, to run a class, for pop-up retail, to perform, to play sport, to rehearse, to hold dance practice, book launches, launches for debut albums and more! 

What is important to hall hirers? 

Many people will look to their local city council or shire for hall hire or to one of the many community centres, neighbourhood houses, schools or church halls in their community. But the search for the right community halls can end up costing you time. Filtering down your search should be easy. Once the availability is sorted, we know that hirers nearly always want to know if the community centre or community hall has: tables, chairs, free parking, kitchenette, stage… but most importantly, is the price right, is the hall affordable enough? 

Tips and what to watch for when choosing a community hall.

Community halls and community centres come in all shapes and sizes, so here are some tips that you may or may not have considered:

  • Outdoor access: the ability to open up your event to an outside area can make a real difference to your event. It can make the space feel larger, provide space for kids (if needed) and be a valuable breakout area for networking or group discussions.
  • Included amenities and equipment: Some Halls and rooms are blank canvases with little to no extras. Be on the lookout for air-conditioning (Halls can be hot in summer and icy cold in winter), tables and chairs (lugging in your own is a pain), kitchenette for serving food and/or tea/coffee, audio/visual equipment, whiteboard, projector, easy access to toilets etc...
  • Flexible spaces: Make sure you can adjust the hall to suit your event. This could be as simple as being able to open the windows, move the stage, create a welcoming reception area at the front door and easily decorate the hall to suit your needs. Sometimes your hall hire needs to accommodate small group meetings, breakout rooms, guest speakers with theatre seating, video screening and networking drinks all in the one day of hire. 
  • Acoustics: Sound quality is possibly not what you’re thinking of when you just want to lock in a hall booking. However, it’s one of the first things you’ll notice as you unlock the door and walk in. Older halls with timber floorboards might be great for dance practice, but they can create quite the echo and be distracting for keynote speakers. A good sound system can help create the sound you need and fabrics such as tablecloths and curtains will assist to reduce echo.
  • What’s nearby? Are there local businesses nearby that can provide you with flowers, hire equipment, food, cold drinks, office supplies or anything else?   

So there are some basic tips on community hall hire and finding the right local community centre. If there is anything we can do to help you find your perfect Community Hall or Community Centre, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Check out these awesome halls you can book now!

Western Australia Community Halls


North Perth Town Hall

Close to Perth CBD, includes a kitchenette, stage, outdoor garden area, AC, chairs and tables included


Function Room - Blue Gum Community Centre

Located in Brentwood south of the river, includes kitchen, piano, outdoor area, AC, chairs and tables included


Victoria Hall Fremantle

Fremantle CBD, heritage building, stage, outdoor area, chairs included


Toodyay Memorial Hall

Located in the historic town of Toodyay include, stage, AC, sound system, chairs and tables included

South Australia Community Halls


Mitcham Cultural Village

Historic space, outdoor area, AC, wifi, chairs and tables included


Eliza Hall - Prospect

Refurbished historic space, small kitchenette, stage, sound desk, wifi, AC, stage, tables and chairs


Byards Community Hall - Happy Valley

Carpeted hall, grassed outdoor area, kitchenette, fenced playground, AC, chairs and tables included


Morphett Vale Hall

Historic hall, kitchenette with supper room, stage, tables and chairs

New Zealand Community Halls


Art space hall - Devonport, Auckland
Includes a kitchenette, wifi, outdoor area, chairs and tables included


St Luke's Activity space - Remuera
Includes a projector, kitchenette, outdoor courtyard, sound system, chairs and tables included

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