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Considering an online booking system for your community venue, but not sure where to start?

If your venue is struggling with paper forms, drawn-out email threads about availability and chasing unpaid invoices, then an online booking system might be the best thing for your organisation. However, moving to a new system can be daunting, especially if you aren't so confident with technology or you’ve never managed a big change process before. 

At SpacetoCo, we have worked with hundreds of spaces like yours to transition them to better online bookings processes. That's why we’ve created this step-by-step guide on how to move to an online booking system to make you and your team feel confident in making this change. If you're a community organisation thinking about making the jump or want to know more about how online bookings can be beneficial, this guide is for you!

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This guide is for you if you have any of the following roles

  • Community venue administrators & managers
  • Sports club committees
  • Rural hall committees
  • Church & place of worship administrators
  • Community centre bookings officer
  • Arts or creative space coordinator
  • Marae bookings coordinator
  • Theatre venue managers


Or if any of the following statements sound familiar...

online booking system

The processes for booking your facilities are time consuming or paper based and cause frustration and errors.


booking system for community venues

You want your spaces to be used more, and bookings to grow.


online bookings for venues

You want to free up time to do more work that matters, like programming and placemaking.


online invoicing for venues

You're aware of the pros of online booking systems but want practical and tangible examples of their benefits.


community venues

You're convinced that an online booking system will help your organisation, but feel out of your comfort zone managing such a change.


Online booking software for community venues

Want to make managing bookings easier at your venue?

SpacetoCo is the best bookings software to help you take bookings online, ditch repetitive admin and grow your bookings!

Venues like yours are seeing 10-30% growth in income and getting hours of time back to focus on the work you want to do - instead of back & forth emails & chasing invoices....

See for yourself how much easier life could be...

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Our Parters in Community

This guide was produced from our work helping the below councils and community venue organisations to share their spaces. Thanks for Co-creating SpacetoCo with us and sharing your experiences.


Discover how we partner with community venues to help matchmake communities to local facilities.

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Our Why



We believe that there are plenty of spaces and it’s not always necessary to build more. By utilising existing assets more efficiently and by making it easier to book spaces online, we all play a part in a more sustainable future.

Local Economies

We believe in the importance of driving growth to local area economies. By providing a means for people to access local spaces, we hope to stimulate a buzz of activity within towns, precincts & localities . We believe that when local economies thrive, communities come to life.

Community Connection

We believe space activation plays an important role in community development and building connectedness between people.It is through this that we work towards building a supportive, inclusive and diverse society.