SpacetoCo is Approved to Supply to Tasmanian Councils

LGAT Procurement Supplier Badge  (1)

SpacetoCo has been approved to deliver goods/services to Tasmanian councils under the Open Spaces, Parks, Play, Sport, and Recreation (LGAP 21120) contract. This is amazing news for Tasmanian LG’s keen to modernise how they share their community spaces and places.

Since launching in 2017, SpacetoCo has been focused on WA, SA, and NZ. In 2022, SpacetoCo will be actively working to bring its unique approach to community space-sharing to the Eastern States.

SpacetoCo is the only solution for local government that provides an enterprise booking system merged with an online marketplace for space sharing. By focusing on the customer user journey, data security, and increased utilisation, SpacetoCo not only makes the booking process easier for Hirers and Councils, but it also increases occupancy as well. 

SpacetoCo is not only proudly Australian created and built, we have staff on the ground across Australia and New Zealand - wherever you’re based, we’re not far away.

If you’re in a Tassie Council (or anywhere in ANZ) and need to improve your processes for facility bookings, please reach out to us here!