New Product Update! Account Settings and Saved Filters

If anyone tells you that SpacetoCo doesn't listen to feedback, they obviously don't know what they're talking about, because you spoke... and we listened! How do we listen? By giving you these awesome updates that make your whole experience with us just that much better.

We know that you've got some important things to do so we want to help you save time to do those things. One of our new updates, Saved Filters, is just the thing for that!


This new and cool feature allows our hosts to access filtered data faster, especially if you are a host who manages a number of spaces. It's super easy! Simply filter through selected details of the specific bookings you want to see (e.g only regulars who want to book hotdesk spaces). Click 'Save Current Filters' at the top and name this filter for you to refer to in the future.


You can either save a filtered view which is just visible to you or save a filtered view which is visible to other team members cause sometimes we just want to makes things not only super easy for ourselves, but for our team as well. I mean, we've all heard that saying "There's no "I" in 'team'".


So, in the future you can thank past you for giving you fast access to those specific filtered booking information by simply clicking that specific filter it will automatically bring up the bookings and data you need for that saved filter. Super easy? Didn't want to say "I told you so"

Want to do more reading about it? Check it out here:

Speaking of making experiences better, we made sure you have just as great of an experience under Account Settings because there's updates on that too! (I know... I can see your excited face cause I have it too). 

If you are a Partner Host put your hands up!!! 'Cause you can now do host payouts! You now gain access to an extended payout cycle, allowing more flexibility across the platform. (Hello again, reader, check out more about it here:

Added to that; Hosts, you also now have a dedicated tab just for settings related to you and your 'Preferences' area has also been overhauled to help with user switching.

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Overall a massive upgrade to the experience! Completely refactored under the hood thanks to our Dev Team that works hard to make sure it happens. So again, if anyone tells you that SpacetoCo doesn't listen to feedback, they obviously don't know what they're talking about.

To see these new updates in action, watch the video below: