Our hosts are CREATIVE - check out how they use SpacetoCo...


Our hosts are a creative bunch. I mean, thinking outside the box is super useful when you're trying to make resources accessible to locals with often low budgets and time-pressures. So when we see our very OWN platform used in a creative way, we have to stop and celebrate! 


From dog kennels to ping-pong tables, toilet trailers to diving tracks, our hosts have used SpacetoCo to share more than just venues. It's a smart move - many organisations have resources lying around unused, or their resources are hired out for free/cheap, but the heavy admin burden outweighs the benefits. 

Luckily, SpacetoCo has been set up to share ANYTHING bookable by the day/hour or overnight - which is what some of our amazing hosts cottoned on to. Sharing isn't the only thing that's caring; making resources more visible and bookable also helps build trust and transparency with locals. 

Check out our favourite creative uses for SpacetoCo here and get inspired to use our platform to share things other than spaces! 

not just a venue booking system