"If only there was a manual for this..."

How often have you said that in your life? As a parent, I've definitely uttered those words countless times. It would be so much easier to do hard tasks well if there were step-by-step guides to them, especially when it comes to enacting big changes (ergo parenting!). 

One of the biggest and best changes your community venue can go through is moving manual and time-consuming bookings to a more productive online system. Even though you might be convinced of the benefits of online booking systems, it can still be daunting to make the jump, especially if you feel out of your comfort zone with technology or managing big changes. 

If only there was a manual for this...

Well, we're glad to say there IS! At SpacetoCo, we've made a practical guide that outlines every step of the process of changing to online bookings, from rallying your team to working out pricing. This comprehensive guide is a great resource to make you and your community organisation feel confident in moving your bookings online, no IT training required! 

Click here to check out the guide on how to move to an online booking system!

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