New Product Update! Guest Booking Change Requests

“Plans are things that change” - Fujio Cho

Ain’t that a hard truth! Picture this: You’ve planned an amazing event and booked a venue, but then find out you’ve double booked yourself or the guest of honour can’t make it on the day! Enter the dreaded booking-change process: either cancel the initial booking and then make a new one, or enter into a back and forth with the venue about the needed changes. If only there was another way…

“When there’s change, there’s opportunity” - Jack Welch

Luckily there is, with SpacetoCo’s newest feature guest booking change requests! Guests can now edit bookings on their own dashboard, whether it’s changing the date/time, number of attendees or areas and items used. Once submitted, venue hosts can either approve, decline or suggest alternatives - all with a few clicks. Even better, if guests have ‘instant book’ privileges, these changes happen automatically, saving everyone the old admin headache! 

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” - Albert Einstein

We’re all about working smarter and not harder, and guest booking change requests is a testament to that. So let’s embrace change, friends. It’s the only constant in life, after all!

To learn more, click here or watch the video below: