SpacetoCo signs Collaboration Agreement with ActiveXchange

SpacetoCo is delighted to have signed a collaborative memorandum of understanding with sports and recreation data experts, ActiveXchange. Both parties share a passion for improving insight around the use of local government and community facilities. The collaboration is intended to result in opportunities for aligned and anonymised data-mapping which will be powerful for Councils working with both businesses.

ActiveXchange provides powerful data analytics to allow for informed strategy and decision making in local government. SpacetoCo provides data insights into how community facilities are used including in areas related to social and unstructured sport and recreation. 

Over the past several years, SpacetoCo has met regularly with the ActiveXchange, often at similarly aligned conference events. It was these interactions and hearing each other deliver workshops and presentations that led to a mutual understanding and respect of the value-offering each business has to Councils.  

‘We always sensed a synergy existed with SpacetoCo and now we get to explore that more deeply. The SpacetoCo offering is an exciting product and something we’ve been seeing in many Councils across ANZ.’

- Ricki Jones, ActiveXchange’s Head of Customer Success and Partnerships

Both organisations work closely with local governments across Australia and New Zealand and offer training and resources in the areas of facilities infrastructure, sport and recreation as well as parks and leisure. 

‘We’ve had council customers ask if their SpacetoCo booking data can be fed into ActiveXchange - that’s all the validation we needed to know that a closer working relationship made sense and it really does.’ 

-Jeremy Hurst, SpacetoCo Co-Founder and Director


If you would like any information about the services that SpacetoCo or ActiveExchange provide, feel free to reach out to or