SpacetoCo Reflections 2021


When launching SpacetoCo in 2017, we thought that everyone would be as excited about space-sharing as we were. Well…. They were and they weren’t. Most people liked us, told us we were clever, gave us some feedback, and bit by bit we created a marketplace for communities everywhere to hire space. 

As we look back here in December 2021, we see that the time has gone fast but it’s also gone  slowly. In our business journey, we have learned that change is more evolution than revolution… but if we were to say which year has been the most incredible so far? Without a doubt, it is 2021. 

We got the calculator out and were astonished to see our latest stats… 

  • Over ​​144,000 bookings 
  • Over 4.5M attendees shared a space from a SpacetoCo booking
  • Over 450,000 hours of space use (equivalent to 102 years @ 12hrs a day)

😳 …that’s a lot of humans involved in sharing space… which is all the more special because sharing is good for the environment as built assets are used more than they would otherwise be. With the answers to addressing climate change being as much about behavioral change as they are tech advances - we see the stats above and know that we are having the positive impact that we dreamed of at the start. 

Other spin-offs such as boosting local area economies and greater connectedness feedback into the sustainable growth loop of space sharing. It all points to a win for the planet, local businesses, and communities. Whilst we know there is plenty more to do, the numbers are telling a story that the hunch we started with has gained serious traction. 

Next, we got the 2021 calendar out and saw multiple achievements…

  • A record amount of partnerships signed
  • A state and national award for innovating government
  • A list of product development achievements that would excite any team

In spite of the COVID pandemic, we’ve been able to somehow stay the course. This is purely down to the people in our team and especially the people who make up our customer base. We have basically grown together and co-created SpacetoCo into what it is today. We have somehow surrounded ourselves with the most brilliant individuals who have always seemed to appear when we needed them most. Perhaps it’s not just us who believe in what we are building… 

Two weeks ago, those of us in Perth shared some down-time to wrap up  our year. We passed around hoodies to every team member (and posted to those in other locations) which are emblazoned with our mission to create community through space sharing - we could not be more proud to be making this change and for our WA business to be expanding like it is. 2021 hasn’t been easy for everyone, but if you look, there are bright spots of endurance and positive change. We couldn’t be happier to be one of them.

-The SpacetoCo Co-executive