City of Vincent & SpacetoCo - A partnership in community


The West Australian local government, City of Vincent, has long been known for their leadership in community engagement and ensuring the community has exceptional services and offerings to suit anyone within the city limits. A lesser known aspect however is the provision of beautiful community facilities and public spaces that are available for hire for a variety of purposes.

In 2018, a new relationship with SpacetoCo was formed to assist the City of Vincent in trialling a more proactive approach to how community facilities and spaces are accessed by the public.

"Vincent has a wide range of spaces that we can offer the community from picturesque locations in Hyde Park to a beautiful event space in North Perth. We want more people to access, use and activate these amazing assets! With SpacetoCo, the City has an opportunity to automate our processes while opening up spaces to a broader range of people. Payments, emails, space availability and booking reminders are all taken care of automatically, decreasing friction and process for the public when booking spaces. By cutting the red tape, we hope to encourage people to come to Vincent to experience our City and utilise our spaces. SpacetoCo has given us a simple and easy way to explore this possibility.”
- Michael Quirk, Director of Community Engagement with City of Vincent

As a team at SpacetoCo, we are honoured to be working with the City of Vincent as a partner. Our aim has always been to connect members of the community, and what better way than to be working shoulder to shoulder with the hub of the community - local government.

By the end of the trial, City of Vincent will have listed over 60 Spaces, including 17 in Hyde Park. Visit the City of Vincent SpacetoCo Profile for the full list.