Why there's hope after COVID for community venues

It's no surprise - the pandemic has taken its toll on community centres and their hirers. With threats on safety, divisions caused by vaccine views and anxiety about plans changing again, it's no wonder that most centres aren't buzzing with people and activity. Yet the dream of being a thriving hub of connections, initiatives and LIFE still stands for many community spaces, but the possibility of this seems more and more farfetched. 

Is there hope? We think so. What COVID hasn't changed is our need for belonging and community. Coupled with more people working from home and staying close to their neighbourhoods, there is an opportunity for community venues to harness this growing need for local hubs.

At SpacetoCo, we believe there's no better time than now to reactivate your community venue. This means looking into opportunities, events and initiatives to draw people together, find volunteers/champions and have their spaces utilised more. We've made a framework that can help community venues generate ideas on activating their specific spaces for their specific communities. If you manage such a space and are keen to take that next step towards a buzzing community hub, download our guide!

Community hub