The Hillview Intercultural Club and community through bookings

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"I can't wrap my brain around how it'd be possible to manage this centre and still have to do the very manual process of handling bookings, if we had not gone with SpacetoCo….and the feedback we've had from residents has been incredibly positive. Everyone just loves it!"

- Meagan Price (Leader at Hillview Intercultural Community Centre, City of Canning)

We are so excited to share with you the story of Hillview Intercultural Community Centre and how they built community through partnering with us. Located in the most culturally diverse locality in Western Australia, the centre is a special one that was built and developed through a community-centric approach. By listening to their people and prioritising accessibility of facilities and community engagement, they sought out to use SpacetoCo to solve their bookings challenges. 

Check out their case study here and watch the video below to learn how the centre built community through an easy bookings process!