The critical component to bolstering community development and wellbeing

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Every council's strategic plan touches on the importance of accessible and functional facilities to meet the ‘needs of the community’. Community connection, programming, youth engagement, culture and diversity, inclusion, intergenerational strategies, age-friendly services, and resilience,  are just some of the many areas affected and impacted by access to facilities. It’s very possible that your council has facilities that are being accessed by community members as you read this, and it’s also possible that certain activities are not occurring due to a lack of access… 

Modernising the facility bookings process for ease and efficiency not only creates cost savings, but also allows the realm of community development and wellbeing to thrive.

Join us, alongside the Public Sector Network in the fourth installation of the PSN webinar on the 29th of March. We'll delve into how to create positive outcomes for citizens with ease of use for local spaces.

We’ll be exploring: 

  • Opportunities for community development through unique space sharing ideas
  • Unlocking innovation - provisioning new spaces and plugging gaps in facilities without spending a cent 
  • Let the community lead - how spaces are being used to deliver their desired hyper local services
  • How accessing affordable spaces can be a catalyst for many positive community outcomes 

Did we also mention that this is a FREE webinar for those who work in local government? You can find out more and register here.