SpacetoCo's biggest update

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Team SpacetoCo have been working hard in the background to bring you some significant updates and improvements over the last few months. Thanks to our partnership with City Councils and the incredible feedback received from our Hosts and Guests, we've been able to accelerate our product roadmap and deliver features that bring value to everyone. Here's a summary of all the major updates below:

Book multiple days at a time


Guests can now book multiple days in a single booking, all from the Space page. This also means:

  • The Guest can choose to add additional items& charges to individual/all days
  • The Host also has the ability to accept/decline all or some of the days

Once accepted, all Guest bookings act as individual bookings. As a result, we have made it so that individual multi-day bookings can be cancelled separately.

We've also removed the 'End Date' from the booking bar on the space page, speeding up the process Guests.

The exact number of people

Hosts can now choose an exact number of attendees for their space, from 1 to 100+.


This means that Guests now enter the exact number of people attending for each booking. This is displayed to the Host on the 'New Booking Request' email.

...Goodbye old attendees category of '10-25'. We won't miss you a bit ;)


Broaden your search with kilometre radius filtering

This is one of our favourites. Search results are now clustered on the Map view and have a default radius of 25km. The Guest can easily change this radius using filters, or by zooming in, or out, on the map.

We've been wanting this feature for a long time, and are thrilled to finally release it to you. We think you'll love it!



Guest phone number for peace of mind

Adding a phone number will now be mandatory for all Guests making a booking. This will serve two purposes:

  • The Host has quick access to the Guest in case there are any issues before the booking
  • SpacetoCo can also access this number for customer support enquiries

The number will only be displayed to the Host once the booking has been accepted, and will be visible under the Host dashboard.

Simply booking cancellations

We believe in simplicity, which is why we've dedicated a lot of effort towards how Guests and Hosts cancel a booking.

Things happen, and sometimes life gets in the way.

To read more about how cancellations work, please click here.

Additional questions for your Guest

Sometimes you just need to know a few extra details before accepting a booking. Will your Guest be serving alcohol? Will the Guest need vehicle access?

We've designed a new, simple form that pops up at checkout, and allows the Guest to answer up to Yes/No questions.

The answers to these questions are delivered to the Host on the 'New Booking Request' email.

Is this a good feature? Yes ;)

Manage the time your space is unavailable

Need to go on holiday? No problem. Using our Availability Management tool, Hosts can block out the times their space is not available.

Access this super handy feature from the Host Dashboard under 'quick links'. Easy peasy.

The round of updates here is a result of the ongoing collaboration we do with Guests and Hosts. Co-creating with the SpacetoCo community is at the heart of how we operate. We love your feedback so please don't hesitate to leave us a suggestion here, or hit us up on socials, or email, or click the little yellow circle at the bottom right of this screen, or carrier pigeon, or just shout our name from across the street when you see us next. Whatever is easiest.